Exciting New Things!

Many of you may or may not know that #opies has gone through some changes this summer… We have plans to continue updating our space as much as possible, making the dining experience that much better for our patrons.   Some of the more recent update are as follows:

  1. New wood floor in the front of the restaurant.
  2. Updated the paint in part of the front
  3. New front door that opens up making the entire front of the restaurant feel as if its outdoor seating.

One of the many challenges we face is the fact that more and more patrons want to enjoy those famous #cheesesticks outside. Well, we’ve borrowed a few ideas from bigger cities and incorporated a moveable window/door. This is just step one in the process. Stay tuned for step two!

Anyways with the changes, we’ve also updated the website this summer and have started this blog. Hopefully we can use this as a means to communicate with your our customer base in a laid back manner as well as telling you all about new and exciting things going on here at 110 N Walnut St Bloomington IN 47404. :).

Come on in and enjoy some of the modernization as we update and of course taste those great #cheesesticks.